St. Peter Lutheran Church
4713 150 Ave SE
Leonard, ND 58052


Worship Services:
10:30 am Sundays

Sunday School: 
10 am Sundays

We are located just a short 35 minute drive from Fargo, ND and 15 minutes from Casselton. We look forward to your visit. View Map


St. John Lutheran Church
14499 42nd St SE
Embden, ND 58079

Worship Services: 
9 am Sundays

Sunday School:  
10 am Sundays


October 11, Announcements

9am St. Peter Quilting Days at the church, potluck

October 18, 2009
9am Worship Services - St. John
9:45 Sunday School - St. John
10am Sunday School - St. Peter
10am St. Peter Cookbook meeting
10:30 Worship Services at St. Peter

Remember in your prayers the following and their families
Donna Linke
Kris Martin
and all who are struggling with ill health; our folks who are in nursing homes; families who are grieving; pray for our country, leaders, and the Armed Forces and please remember to pray for each other.



Sept. 27, 2009 Announcements

Wedding Congratulations to Levi and Tia Heller who were married yesterday at St. Peter and to Ryan and Dana Haarsager who were married at St. John last night.

Tuesday, Sept. 29th
7:30 Let's Talk meets at St. Peter – Everyone Welcome!

Wednesday, Sept. 30th
6:30 Affirmation, Grade 8 - St. John PLEASE NOTE CLASS TIME
7:30 Affirmation, Grade 7 - St. John PLEASE NOTE CLASS TIME

Next Sunday, October 4th
9am Worship Service/Holy Communion and Holy Baptism - St. John
9:45 Sunday School - St. John
10 Sunday School St. Peter
10:30 Worship Service/Holy Communion - St. Peter
11:30-1pm St. Peter Spaghetti Dinner served by Group 3 Everyone is welcome! Free Will Offering.

Thank you to all the people who lent us trailers, helped before & during our sale, ladies serving lunch, and those attending. The help was very much appreciated. ~ Alvin and Josephine Zaeske

Remember in your prayers the following and their families:
Donna Linke
Ferd Kempel
Stan Bartholomay
Denny Radermacher
all those who are struggling with ill health; our folks in nursing homes, families who are morning the loss of a loved one, the family of Rose Hagen, our newly weds, Levi and Tia Heller, and Ryan and Dana Haarsager; pray for our country, leaders and Armed Forces and please pray for one another.



Sept. 20, 2009 Announcements

Heartfelt Sympathy is extended to the family of Rose Hagen. The funeral services were held at St. Peter Friday morning.

Tuesday, Sept. 22nd
2pm SP Bible Study at Marian Zick (white elephant)
7:30 CANCELLED Let's Talk"

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd
7pm Affirmation Class and parents will meet at St. Peter

Thursday, Sept. 24th
10am SP Worship Service at Casselwood

Friday, Sept. 25th
4:30 Wedding Rehearsal at SP

Saturday, Sept. 26th
3pm Heller/Mueller Wedding at St. Peter
6pm Haarsager/Albrecht Wedding at St. John

Sunday, Sept 24th
9am Worship Service at St. John
9:45 Sunday School at St. John
10am Sunday School at St. Peter
10:30am Worship Service (Contemporary) at St. Peter

Remember the following and their families in your prayers:
Donna Linke
Denny Radermacher
the family of Rose Hagen



Lenten Services Cancelled

Lenten Services Cancelled for Wednesday, March 25th, 2009.



Announcements and Prayer Concerns will be posted here.

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